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Timmer: Links

Moons of Jupiter
Psychedelic pop? However you describe it, Moons of Jupiter is great. Frontman Chris is busy working on his art, music and life. If you haven't checked out any of the earlier cd's like 'sogni del volo', 'the red will fade', etc. what are you waiting for!
Little River Sounds
Mr. Clark and Mr. Deveau are rebuilding Little River Sounds. Good ears, expertise, patience, good rates. Not a bad combination. When the studio is back, it will be posted
Peerless Mastering
For a laid back mastering session with one of the area's great experts, work with Jeff over at Peerless Mastering. He can bring out that something extra in your work.
Lizard Eye Guitars
If you want to see some amazing, hand built guitars, go check out the Lizard Eye line. If you want to hear them, well, you'll just have to see Fran Lamalva when he plays live (he can pick!).